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Pricing: How It Works


We are all about taking a weight off your shoulders. Whether we are working with individuals or small businesses, we ensure quality by offering smart, agile and customizable solutions for each and every client.


Pricing is based on the services offered and the time involved.

We will agree upon a fee when we know more about your specific project.



Straight-forward, short-term projects could cost between $100 and $500.

For example: writing brief defined content or transitioning fixed-content onto PowerPoint or website.


Projects that require building and ongoing technical assistance cost between $500 to $1500+. For example: researching and writing moderate length content, designing a basic website or providing technical assistance for the entire scope of presentation (registration through event).



Projects that require substantial designing over several months or more could cost $3500+.

For example: Rough content designed into a multi-media format and built into an online platform like Ruzuku.

What size is your project?

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Do-Gooder Discount
for Peace & Kindness

Discounts available for projects explicitly purposed to advance social justice, economic dignity, or animal safety.

Thank you for bringing us your peace and kindness.

For those who would like to Pay it Forward, you are welcome to offer a contribution that allows us

to widen our sphere of discounted offers.

Contributions ripple.

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